Free Membership Has Its Benefits …

Free Membership Has Its Benefits …


Free Membership Has Its Benefits!

Membership is free here at Authentic Relating – and your free membership gives you a world of value.

  • The latest research on love, sex, relationships, and family dynamics
  • Dozens of hours of video
  • Podcasts, guided meditations, and other audio
  • Exercises you can do alone or with a partner
  • Discounted and free online courses… and much more!

By now, you will have seen that great relationships don’t just happen by accident. The people who have long-lasting, passionate, fulfilling relationships have put in plenty of effort to make that happen.

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 Why Register for Free Membership?

Our members have access to all the necessary information to develop truly rewarding, fulfilling relationships.

We might be willing to work hard at relationships – but how? What work is useful and productive? Where do we start?

It is easy to exhaust ourselves trying things that simply don’t work in our relationships. Our members get the tools they need to identify exactly what to change, and how to change it, to make their relationships more empowering and enjoyable.

We all arrive at adulthood with our own personal history – the physical and social events which shaped our attitudes and capabilities. Some people have a good connection with their own inner world, but are very sensitive to the words and actions of others.

Other people are very good at shrugging off unpleasant emotions, but find it difficult to really “tune in” and connect with a partner. Some people have great communication skills, but find emotional drama exhausting.

Some people find it easy to move from day-to-day relating to sexual intimacy, but feel rejected if their partner doesn’t always respond. Other people relish a deep, merged, intimate sexual encounter, but feel disappointed and used when their partner wants to “cut to the chase” without the necessary talking, cuddling and foreplay.

Relationships are not easy. It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to create and maintain deeply passionate, vibrant, loving relationships. And don’t even get me started on the challenges of relationships with parents or adult children, at work, and in community organisations!


What do our Members get?

In our free Members’ Area, you will find a treasure trove of resources designed to help you overcome your personal obstacles. You will find video, audio, and written materials, as well as exercises and techniques you can practice at home. Our resources will help you to answer the central questions that most people grapple with sooner or later:

Cutting-Edge Research On Relationships: Why Is This Happening?

Pinpoint the causes of your problems, both in managing your own thoughts and emotions, and in dealing with other people.

Analysis Tools: Is It You or Is It Me?

Learn to identify the difference between real world conflict and someone being triggered into a past trauma, with bonus tours into the world of gaslighting (when you are blamed for being unreasonable, for example, when the truth is that the other person is being unreasonable).

Confident Communication Guides 

Strategies for resolving conflict and negotiating boundaries in a mutually respectful way.

Self-Help Techniques And Practices

Identifying the causes of emotional distress, and working through the stuff we bring from our past. Simple, yet effective methods for calming ourselves, sorting out what we feel and why, and freeing ourselves from the prison of the past.

Free And Discounted Courses


Members will always have access to free and discounted courses. Currently, these are the courses available free to our members:


Membership is free, and will remain free – for life. You will be notified of new resources when they are posted.

We are constantly adding materials to the Members’ Area, and we take requests! If there’s something you’d like added or expanded, just let us know.

Already a member? Please take a moment to leave a comment about the most useful material you have found so far in the Members’ Area. We thrive on feedback!

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