Lasting Passion Bonus 1 “Advice From Tony Robbins”

Lasting Passion Bonus 1 “Advice From Tony Robbins”

Time To Test Your New Knowledge!

Apply your new-found understanding to see for yourself which tips and techniques are potentially very counterproductive advice – and how to extract the nuggets of gold from the swamp!

These are real-life examples of advice available right now in the internet – knowing what you know now, how do you rate these articles?

Relationship Advice From Tony Robbins

You don’t necessarily have to understand the other side, but to have a fulfilling sexual relationship that is sustainable, you must find a way to embrace it. If you do not, then you run the risk of depolarization.

What is depolarization? Depolarization occurs when partners no longer have the play of masculine and feminine energies between them. Both partners are channeling the same type of energy, which causes the relationship to become stale, tense or unbalanced.

For example, if a partner questions the masculine partner’s direction (whether because he is lost while driving or is flailing with his direction in life), it will create an instant collapse of the polarity. Similarly, if a feminine person is criticized for looking run down or worn out, this makes them feel less radiant and unloved, and they will start to shut down. As David Deida says, “Never tell a man with a masculine sexual essence that he is wrong, and never tell a woman with a feminine sexual essence that she is ugly.”

The feminine partner feels too insecure to relax into their femininity, and the masculine partner is bent out of shape and loses his masculine backbone. Many couples spend years this way and get used to the loss of passion. However, attraction can shift in a matter of seconds – a woman could go from tight and controlling to free and radiant once her partner makes her feel appreciated, needed and loved.


So, there you have it – the advice from Tony Robbins on keeping your partner fully enthusiastic about having sex.

Based on what you now know, on a scale of 0 to 10, how useful would you rate this article for creating lasting passion?

Remember, the goal is to sift any nuggets of truth hidden in the misleading advice … unless you decide the article is 100% misleading advice, of course!

What do you think? How valuable is this advice? Were there any nuggets? Comment below with your thoughts!