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Emotional Mastery Coach Training 2023 commences in January!

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Applies to:

Early Bird Discount $999
  • Must be paid in full by 16th November to receive this discount.
Emotional Mastery Advocate Discount $750
  • Current advocates and EMAP graduates.
Emotional Mastery Graduate Discount $TBC
  • Discount equal to course fees paid for EM program.
ICF Trained Coach Discount $1998
  • Applies to ACTP Graduates who have completed their two performance evaluation sessions.
  • Must provide certificate of completion.
  • This offer does not stack with the ICF accredited coach discount.
ICF Accredited Coach Discount $2997
  • Applies to ICF accredited coaches (PCC or MCC level)
  • Must provide evidence of current ICF membership.
  • This offer does not stack with ICF trained coach discount.

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