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Authentic Living

Empowering. Fulfilling.

Authentic Living

Emotional Mastery

Escape Emotional Drama, Dissolve Obstacles To Success, Access Your Deepest Truths and Explore Rich, Fulfilling Relationships

Emotional Mastery – personalized coaching in how to successfully apply powerful emotional intelligence techniques for less stress, more peace of mind, freedom from emotional pressure and drama, healthy and joyous relationships, and a life lived with power and authenticity.

What Does The Emotional Mastery Program Cover?

You will learn:

• How to get immediate relief from painful or intense emotions
• Specific practices to reduce emotional drama in your life
• The most effective ways to break unpleasant or unproductive patterns
• Why “this” keeps happening, and how to rewrite the script
• How to access wisdom and guidance from your non-verbal inner intelligence
• Where we are led astray by well-meaning relationship advice
• How to create relationships that are mutually fulfilling, joyous, and empowering
• Powerful ways to support others through their emotional growth and healing
• The keys to designing a life full of ease, joy, freedom, and fulfillment

What Is Emotional Mastery?

Emotional Mastery is a 4-6 month coaching program to support people in making emotionally intelligent behaviour their “new normal”.

Including both theory and practical exercises, the program provides the latest science-based understanding of the brain and body, along with practical and effective ways to rewire the emotional system and navigate the complexities of life.

Now Available in the Comfort of Your Own Home, Flexible to Suit Your Schedule

Some of this material has been available in workshops held on a tropical island in Thailand. The Emotional Mastery Coaching Program makes this powerful material available to you in the comfort of your own home, at a time to suit your schedule.

• Online multimedia learning materials
• Specific, practical exercises to build emotional skills
• Weekly realtime discussion and coaching
• Guided practice audios to support ongoing skills practice
• Community support from a participant group
• Personal support from an accountability buddy and a knowledgeable coach
• Access to additional support materials and research

Course Content

Part 1: Emotions

The Emotional System
Emotional Development
Emotional Trauma
Awareness and Naming of Emotions
Emotional Regulation
Emotional First Aid
Releasing Suppressed Emotions

Part 2: Breaking Repeating Patterns

Identifying Repeating Patterns
Causes of Repeating Patterns
Repeating Patterns in Intimate Relationships
How to Break Patterns
Breaking Addictive Patterns
The Pattern Break Practice

Part 3: Emotional Wisdom

Defining “Emotional Wisdom”
How to Access Inner Guidance
The Authentic “Yes” and “No”
Co-ordinating the Analytical and Emotional Intelligences
Inner Guidance vs Conditioning, Ego and Trauma
Making Subconscious Material Conscious
Rewriting Subconscious Beliefs and Habits
The Authentic Self
Living an Authentic Life

Part 4: Emotionally Intelligent Relationships

Our Cultural Baggage Around Relationships
The Purpose of Relationships
Emotional Intelligence in a Dyad
Co-operating to Regulate, Explore and Heal
Ninja Listening – The Art of Not Being Attacked
Responsible Communication
The Key to Conflict Resolution: Empathic Listening

This program is life-changing. I tried literally everything I could find for over 10 years and NOTHING ELSE worked. I finally feel confident that I can manage my emotions and achieve my goals. Since completing the program, I have moved cities, got a great new job, and met an amazing, supportive partner. I am constantly blown away by what I am discovering.


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How does the program work?
Designed by a qualified expert in adult education and transformational coaching, the Emotional Mastery Coaching Program directly overcomes all the main obstacles to making lasting changes.
Accountability buddies
You’ll be matched with one or two other participants as accountability buddies. You’ll talk to each other as often as you like (we recommend a brief chat every day or two for the first few weeks), compare notes on your understanding of the learning materials, and send each other updates as you tick off your practice sessions.
Additional learning resources
Beyond the learning materials for the coaching program, you will get access to our Client Resources Area. This repository includes background material on emotions and development, deeper academic analysis, personal stories, expert videos and podcasts, tips and techniques, and resources for specific special needs, such as trauma, neurodiversity, and dealing with abusive people.
What does the program teach?

Emotional Intelligence Skills: Awareness, Regulation, Co-ordination
How to apply emotional intelligence skills to break repeating patterns, release stuck emotions, access internal guidance, and develop better relationships.

Group integration sessions
After each week’s learning materials are complete, you have the option to join a group call to discuss the new material and the ongoing practices. We have coaches all around the world, so there is always a call in your timezone. And if you can’t make the call in real time, the recordings will be available online for the duration of your program.
Why create a coaching program?

We have all been there – you go to a workshop, learn some new ideas, get great results in the moment, and then go back home … and life happens. Before you notice, six months have gone by and you haven’t integrated your “aha” moments into changed behaviour or better results.

Changing habits takes TIME. Few people can afford the time or the money to do a residential program for 30 days or more, so for the rest of us, we need support in applying our new skills while we go on with our regular lives.

Personalized coaching

Your coach is a professional mentor, someone who has learned the program materials, practiced for themselves, and had good results. They also have specific skills in coaching – helping you to do things that might be challenging, answering questions about the practices, and keeping your motivation high.

Specific practices every day

The power of knowledge comes when it is applied. The coaching program supports you to experiment with new practices based on your new knowledge, supported by your accountability buddies, your integration call group, and your personal coach. We recommend allocating a small amount of time each day (10-30 minutes) for these practices.

Ongoing Support

The Emotional Mastery community remains available free of charge to all graduates of the coaching program.

In addition, should you want further personalized coaching, you can access ongoing coaching and ongoing access to the Client Resources for an additional fee once you complete the Emotional Mastery program.

Time Commitment

The Emotional Mastery program is 16 teaching weeks, and there are likely to be 1-4 “vacation” weeks in most series. In a teaching week, you will have about an hour of multimedia content (40-120 minutes), a one-hour integration Q&A call, and a conversation with your accountability buddy. Your coach is flexible, so you can get coaching via text message, email, voice or video call, as you need it. We recommend that you allocate 10-30 minutes  day to practising the techniques – mastery takes practice!

Total time commitment – 4-6 hours in a teaching week, flexible to your schedule. Integration Q&A calls are live at a fixed time each week, but they are recorded for your convenience.

16 Weeks of Learning Materials

There is a LOT to understand about how our brain and body create and regulate emotions, and how to access the powerful resources of our subconscious brain. We break down the complex material into bite-sized pieces, supported by multimedia material, to ensure you absorb exactly what you need to know.
The sixteen learning weeks may be spaced out, with a week off here and there, depending on the schedule your coach sets for your group. The minimum time for the program is 16 weeks (4 months), and in all cases it will be completed within 26 weeks (6 months).

Science-Based Theory; Evidence-Based Practices

The Emotional Mastery program is grounded in up-to-date neuroscience, physiology, and psychology. You can be confident that the theoretical information is accurate, and that the recommended practices are proven to be effective.

Multimedia Learning for Maximum Convenience

Whether your preferred learning style is visual (video), auditory (audio), or verbal (written text), the Emotional Mastery program multimedia learning materials allow you to absorb information in your preferred style.

Your Personal Coach

From the moment you start the program, your coach will be on your side – learning your personal goals, challenges, and preferences, and supporting you in the way that works best for you. No matter how challenging the path may be, your coach has your back.

About the Program Designer

Jenny Hale has an Honours degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Training and Assessment, and decades of experience as a coach, trainer and mentor. She has been a lecturer in Psychology, an executive coach, a workplace trainer, a private coaching/counselling practitioner, and a community mentor.

Jenny has identified the fastest ways to break through lifelong disempowering patterns and achieve previously unimaginable emotional and relationship results – without doing years of therapy.

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What Is The Value of Emotional Mastery?

How do you calculate the value of a program such as Emotional Mastery? Let’s look at this from a number of perspectives.

You could consider:

  • what it would cost to develop the equivalent understanding yourself, though coaching, therapy, or alternative personal development programs.
  • the number of hours of education in the program, and what an equivalent amount of similar education might cost you.
  • the value of the results participants have achieved by using the emotional intelligence skills.
  • what Jenny invested to accumulate the knowledge she distilled into this program.

How would each of these calculations play out?

The link between emotional intelligence and earnings is so direct that every point increase in emotional intelligence adds $1,300 to an annual salary. These findings hold true for people in all industries, at all levels, in every region of the world. We haven’t yet been able to find a job in which performance and pay aren’t tied closely to emotional intelligence.

Travis Bradberry

Success Magazine

Comparable Education $3,500-$15,000

Let’s look at some educational programs of a similar length (though not all having such a direct effect on earning potential as emotional intelligence). The average cost of private flight attendant school in 2017 was $3,500-$5,000. A 35-hour training program as a project manager will set you back $1,500-3,500. A 4-6 month period of training in business management will cost $10,000-$15,000.

And these are all career-specific training. Not one of these trainings will cause a permanent increase in your earning capacity in ALL your occupations, regardless of how many career changes you have in your life. (Success Magazine study quoted nearby.)

Only emotional intelligence has that power – which is why the Emotional Mastery program is so uniquely valuable.

Let’s look at some educational programs of a similar length (though not all having such a direct effect on earning potential as emotional intelligence). The average cost of private flight attendant school in 2017 was $3,500-$5,000. A 35-hour training program as a project manager will set you back $1,500-3,500. A 4-6 month period of training in business management will cost $10,000-$15,000.

And these are all career-specific training. Not one of these trainings will cause a permanent increase in your earning capacity in ALL your occupations, regardless of how many career changes you have in your life. (Success Magazine study quoted nearby.)

Only emotional intelligence has that power – which is why the Emotional Mastery program is so uniquely valuable.

What Jenny Invested to Learn This Information $100,000+

Jenny has been actively researching and experimenting in these areas for over 25 years. She has spent tens of thusands of dollars on University degrees and diplomas, coaching programs, personal development programs, therapy in multiple styles, spiritual training programs, professional development courses, and attending conferences.

Total cost? Well in excess of $100,000.

Jenny has distilled the most relevant, practical and highly-leveraged information from all her studies, to save you countless hours over many years, and also to save you from expending tens of thousands of dollars yourself.

Cost to Learn This Information Solo $15,000

Let’s take a very conservative approach. Let’s say that you could find the right coach or therapist, and their hourly rate was only $150 (it would probably be more, if they were masters of this material, but let’s be conservative). Let’s say you could learn this all in one year, if you had two sessions per week, or two years at one session per week. Let’s allow a couple of weeks a year of holidays, too, where you don’t see your coach/therapist.

 Coach or therapist, $150 per hour, 50 weeks per year, 2x a week for a year, or 1x a week for two years = $15,000

 And that’s assuming you hit the right coach/therapist first try. In all likelihood, you will need to try a few before you find the right one.

Results Achieved By Participants - PRICELESS

How do you calculate the value of a program such as Emotional Mastery? Let’s take Joe, for example, whose quote you saw earlier:

Moving to a city where you feel you belong: PRICELESS

Getting a job that matches your interests as well as your skills: PRICELESS

A new partner who is amazing and supportive: PRICELESS 

Nobody can put a price an quality of life.

But if you want to put a dollar value on emotional intelligence, consider that each one-point increase in emotional intelligence translates into $1300 per year of additional incomeregardless of your occupation. (Success Magazine study quoted nearby.)

So, if the Emotional Mastery gives you just one point more emotional intelligence, and you work for another 10, 15, 20 years … your total income will be increased by at least $10,000, and possibly much, much more.

The Bottom Line

Whichever way you slice it, the Emotional Mastery program is worth at least $10,000-$15,000.

For those who make the most of the information, the financial gain can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Not to mention the benefits that are simply priceless – confidence, peace of mind, and awesome relationships.

And the program will cost you just a tiny fraction of that – the full Emotional Mastery program is just $3996.

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The Secret Advantage: Emotional Wisdom

Do you ever wonder how some people are able to do so much, so easily, while the majority slog away every day with barely enough energy to make it home from work and collapse on the sofa?

Have you always though those people were just lucky?

Turns out, we have vast reserves of energy and passion – for the right activities.

The trouble is, since we were small children, we have been trained to do what other people tell us we should be doing. We are not taught to value our “inner compass” and use our own innate wisdom to chart our course through life.

On the contrary, we are told to sit down, be quiet, listen, and do what we are told.

Some of us have learned this lesson so well that we no longer even know what we want, how we feel about our job, our friends, or the city we live in. We’re just surviving each day and hoping to get to the end of the month before the money runs out.

Emotional wisdom – our internal guidance system is the only known way to find the places, people and activities that bring us to life, and give us endless energy.

In the Emotional Mastery program, you will have access to unique and powerful methods to unlock your emotional wisdom, and set you free to live the life you were born to live.

Regardless of who you are, sooner or later you are just going to get tired of pushing and your strength is going to run out.

Fortunately, motivation isn’t about pushing.

It’s really about finding something that pulls you.

  • When Michael Jordan spent his offseason doing hundreds of jump shots every single day, he wasn’t “forcing” himself to do it.
  • When former Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz worked 13 hours a day and then continued working from home, he wasn’t “pushing” himself to do it.
  • When GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt put in 100 hour work weeks for 24 years, he wasn’t “motivating” himself to do it.

It’s deceptively easy to look at these examples and conclude that the key to their success was their work ethic and their ability to motivate themselves.

In fact, I think that’s completely backwards.

I don’t believe these individuals motivated themselves to their success, but rather that they all found something that PULLED them to greater heights.

They were so fascinated and inspired by what they were doing that putting in crazy hours wasn’t that big of a deal or sacrifice to make.

Their magic ability wasn’t their ability to motivate themselves but that they found something that captured their imagination so completely that it pulled them forward like an invisible ski lift.

Antti Vanhanan

The Emotionally Intelligent Relationship

Close relationships can be a magical, powerful source of healing and growth – or they can be painful, confusing, exhausting, and even traumatic. What makes the difference?

Whether it’s a family member, a lover, or a close friend, there are certain universal truths about human relating that have predictable outcomes.

The Emotional Mastery program spells out the factors which influence the quality of our relationships, the skills required to create healing relationships, how to choose the right partner, and how to transform a difficult relationship into one that empowers both people.

With practical skills and exercises, the program builds step-by-step the skills and abilities to not only manage our own emotions, but to effectively manage the emotions of others as well.

A colleague stayed with me for one week to work on site, and had such a debilitating shut down I needed to take him home early. At that point he swore he’d never go back, but we had a long long talk about what was going on for him.

I taught him some of the emotional first aid stuff you taught me, and Friday afternoon he was asking for hardware to take home so he could continue working on it. We debriefed on the way to the airport and we both agreed that this was a life changing process and that his anxiety would never be the same again.


IT Consultant

“I didn’t know relationships could be like this …”


Over and over, we see clients discovering a whole new world of relating as they put their new Emotional Mastery skills to work.

“I had been alone for six years since my divorce. I wanted to have a life partner, but it just didn’t seem to happen. Now, just a couple of weeks after finishing the emotional intelligence training, I am in a relationship. It’s amazing. I didn’t know I could be so relaxed and comfortable with another person.” ~ Carolina

The individual skills of the early part of the Emotional Mastery program all enhance relationships. Managing our own emotions, not reacting to provocation, breaking our old, damaging patterns and releasing the suppressed emotions that drive them, and accessing our authentic truth will improve the quality of our relationships.

Where the extraordinary results lie, however, is in the unique combination of skills which make up the emotionally intelligent relationship. In emotionally intelligent relating, you aren’t just rising above your past and becoming a better person – you are able to inspire and support that same growth in the people that you care about.

And the depth of connection you develop in an emotionally intelligent relationship has some profound (and sometimes surprising) rewards!

I realised that the louder she screamed, the more it felt to me like my body was directly experiencing her pleasure. And I realised that her body was very directly communicating to mine about how hers was feeling, and directly translating that into the same feelings in my body. I can’t begin to put into words what an incredible feeling it is to be able to connect on that level with someone.

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