Empowering. Fulfilling.

Emotional Mastery

Empowering. Fulfilling.

Authentic Living


How Participants Have Used Emotional Mastery Tools to Escape Emotional Drama,
Dissolve Obstacles To Success, Access Their Deepest Truths,
and Explore Rich, Fulfilling Relationships

Emotional Mastery – personalized coaching in how to successfully apply powerful emotional intelligence techniques for less stress, more peace of mind, freedom from emotional pressure and drama, healthy and joyous relationships, and a life lived with power and authenticity.


I highly recommend the Emotional Mastery online course to anyone who is open and willing to do deep inner work. It offers theoretical and practical tools for self-knowledge, emotional regulation, pattern breaking and lasting transformation.

This course brought awareness and understanding of the emotional system, its stages of development, childhood trauma, attachment styles, emotional patterns, and much more.

I learned useful practices, such as, the emotional first aid techniques which is something that should have been taught in school.  I enjoyed the opportunity of having an accountability partner. Quite often, we were going through similar processes and I felt heard and seen by my buddy.

During the course, I felt less afraid to access my emotions and more equipped to self regulate with compassion and love. I intend to continue the practices to develop more presence of mind, willpower, and emotional intelligence skills.

Thank you Jenny Hale and our coaches Ananya Harvey and Mirjam for guiding me in this healing process. I appreciated our weekly check in calls, one-on-one appointments, guided practices as well as your professional expertise, wealth of experience, and loving space holding.”

~ Bianca August 2020


Before learning to master my emotions I was overwhelmed and lost, and just going with the flow of emotions, and not really being in control. Now, I notice that I have routines, I have self-discipline and self-love, and I am much more happy.


Vocal Coach

This Emotional Mastery Course has gifted me more and changed me in more ways than I could ever have imagined. It works in such a gentle, subtle way “from the ground up”, that I didn’t even realise how much I was getting out of it until suddenly all the pieces came together. I am absolutely blown away by the how much it has helped me, improved my life, and made LIVING easier.

Years of undisclosed childhood sexual abuse and other childhood traumas had left me full of disgust, anger, shame, guilt, hate and rejection towards the child me. Those feelings lingered and crippled me well into my adulthood. They turned me into a complete people-pleaser who was terrified of conflict, and led me to engage in self-harming and self-destructive behaviours – an eating disorder and cutting, among others. I felt rotten, unlovable and undeserving at my core, and needing to be punished for what “I had done”.

Through Jenny’s course, and with Ananya’s incredible and tactful guidance and support, I managed to gather the tools, strength and courage to reconnect with all the younger and lost parts of myself that had been left needing things or bottling up intense emotions as a result of the abuse. I was finally able to give those parts what they needed, and face, feel and release those trapped emotions without even needing to understand their exact source or stir up painful memories. This has been incredibly cathartic and freeing, and has left room for an IMMENSE and unexpected wave of self-compassion that has come and taken up the place of all those toxic negative emotions that had been with me for so long.

~ Sarah November 2021

“There is a life before the course, and a life after the course …”

“Excellent. Jenny is a rare combination of knowledge, loving and enthusiasm. Great clear presenting and easy to follow. Realizing that it’s in the practice that the work gets done.”
~ Tom August 2019

“Excellent. Beyond wildest expectations (and my expectations were already high). A lot of wow moments, a lot of practical exercises and actual practice/ experimentation.”
~ Victoria September 2019

“On top of everything else that has happened this week [extreme work stress and coronavirus], I have noticed myself over and over listening to the rest of my being about what is safe in a given moment, and skillfully protecting that safety in response. Its really been quite overwhelming. I’ve also used physiological tools to stop 3-4 panic attacks in their tracks, and notice myself taking numerous other actions to care for my being. You taught me that.”
~ Phiney April 2020


“Because of the course and the work with Jenny, I am out of a lot of pain that I thought was permanent, and perpetual, and unresolvable.”


“It was great. It was really nice to do a workshop with a solid theoretical base and the subject is exactly what I’m working on already. The meditation brought out quite something but also the theory and reflections gave me many, many insights.”
~ Kim August 2020

“Very informative, eye-opening, helping my evolution which is the main purpose of taking the workshop. Jenny is very knowledgeable in her field. I love that she has an approach from psychological and spiritual perspectives. She has a friendly tone and I felt supported in the weeks I was doing the workshop.” 
~ Asli October 2019

“Finding out how little I communicate with myself and that this is an option always.”
~Luke August 2019

“It has a value that can’t really be measured in money … priceless!”

“I am so glad I got to do this program in the 2020 pandemic …”

 I highly recommend the Emotional Mastery online course to anyone who is open and willing to do deep inner work. It offers theoretical and practical tools for self-knowledge, emotional regulation, pattern breaking and lasting transformation.”

This program is life-changing. I tried literally everything I could find for over 10 years and NOTHING ELSE worked. I finally feel confident that I can manage my emotions and achieve my goals. Since completing the program, I have moved cities, got a great new job, and met an amazing, supportive partner. I am constantly blown away by what I am discovering.


Software Developer

“Anyone who is in the service of others would benefit a lot from the program.”

“This is an absolute gem … there’s so much information that is beneficial and practical …  even if you don’t need the whole thing in a session or in a journey with a client, you will be using bits and pieces of it during your whole career … This is the basic, foundational knowledge that any person who is working with other humans, men or women, should know.”

“I didn’t know relationships could be like this …”

“I had been alone for six years since my divorce. I wanted to have a life partner, but it just didn’t seem to happen. Now, just a couple of weeks after finishing the emotional intelligence training, I am in a relationship. It’s amazing. I didn’t know I could be so relaxed and comfortable with another person.” ~ Carolina 

I realised that the louder she screamed, the more it felt to me like my body was directly experiencing her pleasure. And I realised that her body was very directly communicating to mine about how hers was feeling, and directly translating that into the same feelings in my body. I can’t begin to put into words what an incredible feeling it is to be able to connect on that level with someone.

Name Withheld For Privacy

A colleague stayed with me for one week to work on site, and had such a debilitating shut down I needed to take him home early. At that point he swore he’d never go back, but we had a long long talk about what was going on for him.

I taught him some of the emotional first aid stuff you taught me, and Friday afternoon he was asking for hardware to take home so he could continue working on it. We debriefed on the way to the airport and we both agreed that this was a life changing process and that his anxiety would never be the same again.


IT Consultant

Jenny is exceptional and every week I learned a lot. I’m already practicing my new skills. The relationships section was the most valuable because it integrates the ideas of all the workshops. Thanks for everything. It was very meaningful and opened my eyes about myself in a way that I never thought would happen in a workshop.



The Emotional Mastery Program

• How to get immediate relief from painful or intense emotions
“I’ve been finding myself using your emotional first aid stuff constantly, and most of the time I have a very tangible peace that I just have to calmly wait and it will pass.”
~ Joseph November 2019

• Specific practices to reduce emotional drama in your life
“It was amazing. It was exactly what I needed. I was looking for this kind of work on my nervous system and we covered such a good mix of helpful theory and useful exercises to implement daily. The theory helps me make sense if it and then the exercises are obviously really valuable to do on an ongoing basis.
~ Alessandra February 2020

• The most effective ways to break unpleasant or unproductive patterns
“I took a day off! I know that might sounds normal for most people, but for me it was a breakthrough.”
~Vicki May 2020

• Why “this” keeps happening, and how to rewrite the script
“There are very few people who have your level of understanding.”
 ~ Alexander December 2019

• How to access wisdom and guidance from your non-verbal inner intelligence
“It was great. The meditation brought out quite something but also the theory and reflections gave me many, many insights.”
~ Kim August 2019

• Where we are led astray by well-meaning relationship advice
The most valuable part was when listening to a person talking about their problems to be aware of how my mind can judge their experience with some of my past life experiences, and be tempted to give them my solutions instead of just listening. Really happy and glad I was able to experience this.
~ Ian February 2020

• How to create relationships that are mutually fulfilling, joyous, and empowering
“The exercises (although I don’t like partner/group exercises) those were really useful!”
~ Vici August 2019

• Powerful ways to support others through their emotional growth and healing
“I was finally able to get him to open up about the emotional issues that were bothering him.”
~ Charlene May 2020

• The keys to designing a life full of ease, joy, freedom, and fulfillment
“‘Competent’ is the most overwhelming experience of it all. It sounds like such an innocuous word but the experience of feeling competent at all these things is probably the most profound experience I’ve ever had.”
~ Joseph February 2020