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Emotional Mastery Course Content

Introduction: Welcome to Emotional Mastery

Overview of course content and structure


Week 1: The Emotional System

The physiology and neurology of emotion


Week 2: Awareness and Regulation

How to recognise and regulate emotions


Week 3: Emotional Challenges

Intense emotions, emotional pain, and trauma

authentic self

Week 4: Releasing Emotional Pressure

How to move “stuck” emotions and release emotional stress


Week 5: Identifying Repeating Patterns

Discover the subconscious emotional “scripts” running your life


Week 6: Repeating Patterns in Romantic Relationships

Understanding the emotional roots of our relationship patterns

Emotional Mastery

Week 7: Emotional Drivers of Repeating Patterns

Identifying the emotion that drives a repeating pattern

Breaking Patterns

Week 8: Breaking Repeating Patterns

Release the emotional driver to permanently break a pattern


Week 9: Challenges When Breaking Patterns

How to deal with obstacles to breaking patterns

Two intelligences

Week 10: Emotional Wisdom

Exploring the power of an alliance between the analytical and emotional intelligences

star girl

Week 11: The Language of Symbols

Finding a common language for communication between the analytical and emotional intelligences


Week 12: Emotional Intelligence in a Dyad

Applying our emotional intellgence skills to other people

Ninja listening

Week 13: Ninja Listening

The secret to hearing emotionally-charged conversation without getting upset

Friendly chat

Week 14: Emotionally Intelligent Conversation

Bringing all our emotional intelligence skills into action “on the court” in conversation

Going deep

Week 16: Bringing It All Together

What we have learned in the Emotional Mastery program


Week 17: The First Week Of The Rest Of Your Life

How to keep practicing and expanding your emotional skills

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