Emotional Mastery

Congratulations on making the commitment to build your emotional intelligence skills! We look forward to getting to know you better over the next weeks and months.

For now, just take your time, absorb the basic information about the program, and get comfortable with the website.

Each week in the Emotional Mastery program, you will get access to a new set of learning material.

The page begins with an easy checklist of the required and optional actions for the week. Below that list, you will find the week’s multimedia learning materials.

To support your understanding, each week we provide prompts – questions you may like to think or journal about, or discuss with your buddy or coach – and frequently asked questions from previous participants. We also provide additional links and references for those who would like to explore more academic references, expert commentary, or personal stories about that week’s subject matter.

What To Do Next

  1. Watch videos (0101, 0102)
  2. Discuss with your accountability buddy
  3. Set aside time in your calendar each week for self-study and the Q&A call.
  4. Send any questions to your coach before the Week 1 Q&A call
  5. Attend the live Q&A call in Week 1
  6. Optional: Explore the additional resources available in our Members Only area, and the Client Center.
Multimedia Course Content

Video 0101: Emotional Mastery Course Content

An overview of the topics covered in the Emotional Mastery program.

Video 0102: Emotional Mastery Course Structure

The structure of the Emotional Mastery program – schedule, the roles of buddies and coaches, and how to get the most out of the program.

Helpful Tools

Online Video Speed Controller

Ajust the speed of an online video to make it slower or faster.

Text to Voice Conversion

Convert any text document to an audio track.


Convert any video soundtrack or audio track to text.

Journaling/Reflection Prompts

  1. What do you hope to learn/accomplish in the Emotional Mastery program?
  2. How will you manage the time commitment required? What changes will you make to your habits to create the time to fully participate?

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I really need to know all this science about the brain?

A: We have found that having some basic knowledge about the body and brain can be very useful for some people. For others, the practical exercises are a much more important way to learn. You are free to engage with the program in whatever way best suits you.




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About the Program Designer

Jenny Hale has an Honours degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Training and Assessment, and decades of experience as a coach, trainer and mentor. She has been a lecturer in Psychology, an executive coach, a workplace trainer, a private coaching/counselling practitioner, and a community mentor. Jenny has identified the fastest ways to break through lifelong disempowering patterns and achieve previously unimaginable emotional and relationship results – without doing years of therapy.

What people have said after learning Jenny’s Emotional Intelligence material:

“There are very few people who have your level of understanding.”

~ Alexander December 2019

“ Very informative, eye-opening, helping my evolution which is the main purpose of taking the workshop. Jenny is very knowledgeable in her field. I love that she has an approach from psychological and spiritual perspectives. She has a friendly tone and I felt supported during the 4 weeks I took the workshop.”

~ Asli October 2019

“I want to thank you again for all the workshops, they have helped me a lot and have been so insightful to me, really great!”

~ Kim September 2019

“Excellent. Beyond wildest expectations (and my expectations were already high). A lot of wow moments, a lot of practical exercises and actual ‘practice’/experimentation. Very open discussions and great lead of energy and flow though out the session.”

~ Victoria Sept. 2019

“It was great. It was really nice to do a workshop on the island with a solid theoretical base. The theory and reflections gave me many, many insights.”

~ Kim August 2019