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 Emotional Mastery Coach Training

Deepen Your Understanding And Practice of Emotional Mastery,
Learn Powerful Techniques To Support Others, And Join A Community Of
Emotional Mastery Coaches Who Are Changing The World

Are you looking for a fulfilling and rewarding coaching career? 

Are you a coach, finding that some of your clients are blocked by emotional barriers? Are you a business owner or manager seeking ways to empower your employees and build team rapport? Are you living or working in a community impacted by trauma, emotional neglect, or limited emotional skills? 

Become an Emotional Mastery coach, and level up your ability to change lives!

Accredited by the International Coach Federation (ACTP) at the Professional Certified Coach level – see below for details.

What Is Emotional Mastery?

Emotional Mastery is a 6 month coaching program based on the Hale Method, which supports people in making emotionally intelligent behaviour their “new normal”.

Including both theory and practical exercises, the program provides the latest science-based understanding of the brain and body, along with practical and effective ways to rewire the emotional system and navigate the complexities of life.

Emotional Mastery – using powerful techniques backed by neuroscience, psychology, and traditional wisdom practices, coach your clients to successfully apply emotional intelligence techniques for less stress, more peace of mind, freedom from emotional pressure and drama, healthy and joyous relationships, and a life lived with power and authenticity.

Level up your ability to cause deep transformation for clients by increasing your capacity to hold space for intense and challenging emotional processes.

Master a set of tools you can use to guide clients through deep subconscious work – without spending hours talking about the traumatic events of their lives.

Access your own boundless, authentic motivation and inspiration.

What Does The Emotional Mastery Program Cover?

Your clients will learn:

• How to get immediate relief from painful or intense emotions
• Specific practices to reduce emotional drama in their lives
• The most effective ways to break unpleasant or unproductive patterns
• How to access wisdom and guidance from their non-verbal inner intelligence
• Powerful ways to support others through their emotional growth and healing
• The keys to designing a life full of ease, joy, freedom, and fulfillment

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Emotional Mastery Coach Training

Designed to meet the requirements for ICF certification training at the Professional Certified Coach level, the Emotional Mastery Coach Training Program provides a comprehensive introduction to the ICF coaching competencies, and a solid grounding in the principles of the Hale Method (TM) of Emotional Mastery. The program was accredited by ICF in 2021.

• Online multimedia learning materials
• Over 125 hours of realtime interaction with instructors

• Specific, practical exercises to build emotional skills
• Weekly realtime discussion and coaching around ICF competencies
• Guided practice audios to support ongoing skills practice
• Community support from a participant group
• Personal support from an accountability buddy and a knowledgeable mentor
• Access to additional support materials and research
• Mentoring to achieve ICF competency standards
• Support in meeting additional requirements for ICF certification, such as coaching experience
• Support in meeting additional requirements for certification as an Emotional Mastery coach, such as supervised practice

Emotional Mastery Coach Training Feedback

It sounded like a solid program that would enrich me and teach me stuff that I didn’t know before, so I think I did it more for myself than to be able to coach it, but I was also looking for a coaching qualification.

What impressed me about this is the fact that it’s so well structured and actually takes a long time to complete is …  it’s not a challenge, it’s an advantage of it. It’s where the value comes from, because you’ve got to have time in between different learnings to embed them a bit and practice them, so I love that. 

Before I knew all this stuff I could plead ignorance and not practice it, because I didn’t know about it but now that awareness is super tricky. I know exactly what I’m doing now.  I need to sit with it or process it or release it or whatever it is, but then the other side of it I’m bursting with the desire to share it and tell people about it. It’s absolutely foundational to everyone’s life. There is that huge desire to spread the good news and not give them the excuse of ignorance either.

The course personally just sustained me throughout. The last few months were horrid in many ways but I also enjoyed having multiple sessions a week with other coaches. I completely enjoyed it for myself. It helped me with so much stuff personally, but then learning and practicing as a coach as well was amazing.

~ Valia (former management consultant) July 2022

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Coach Training Program Structure

The Emotional Mastery Coach Training Program can be taken as an in-person intensive residential program on the tropical island of Koh Phangan, in Thailand, or through webinar-based learning. The course content is the same, regardless of the delivery method.

Orientation (4 hours)

ICF Competency Intensives (including assessments)
Starting The Client Relationship (12 hours)
Effective Coaching (12 hours)
Client Results (12 hours)

Seminar Sessions (30×2 hours each)
Covering the Emotional Mastery course content, ICF coaching skills, and the policies and procedures for coaching on the Emotional Mastery program

Coaching practice (10 hours)

Supervised practice coaching sessions (7 hours)

Mentoring (11 hours)

Personal Emotional Mastery practice (28 hours)

Self-study, self-reflection, and peer support (20 hours)

Total face-to-face hours: 118

Required asynchronous practice hours: 10

Required program hours: 128

Recommended self study and practice, peer study and practice hours: 48

Recommended total hours: 166 hours

Scheduled Programs

Distance Learning Program Jan 2023-Sep 2023(English)

Residential Intensive Program July-Aug 2023 (English) (subject to local COVID-19 regulations)

Residential Intensive Program Feb-Mar 2024 (English) (subject to local COVID-19 regulations)

Distance Learning Program July 2023-Mar 2024 (English)

Further Support (ICF Certification)

Graduates of the Emotional Mastery Coaching Program will be supported through the process of applying for ICF certification.

We encourage peer review and discussion between graduating the EMC program and applying for ICF certification. 

 Further Support (Gaining Experience And Income)

As a graduate of the Emotional Mastery Coach Training, you are eligible to participate in our wider community and benefit from the support it offers to newly-trained coaches. You will be introduced to the community during your training, and you will have lifetime access to all the resources.

ICF requires that an applicant have 500 hours of coaching experience before applying for certification, and at least 450 hours must be paid coaching experience. To ensure that our graduates can accumulate the required experience as fast as possible, we have developed a range of ongoing support:

Experience – opportunities for paid and unpaid internships, paid coaching hours in other businesses, exchanges of coaching services, and launching your own coaching offers to a warm market to get paying clients

Business Incubator – training, support and guidance to identify markets, research them, develop offers and marketing communications, promote, gather feedback, and iterate

Business Coaching – regular meetings to analyse your situation and plan next steps 

Community Support – a managed network of business owners working on related projects, who can provide feedback during development of offers and marketing communications, support during times of challenge, and opportunities to promote yourself and your offers 

Collaboration Opportunities – facilitated joint ventures to help you gain experience, participate in (and profit from) launches of other people’s offers, build and market offers in collaboration with one or more other businesses, and find contributors to do the parts of your projects that you don’t want to do yourself 

Curated Communities – existing social media communities organized around interests, in which you can do market research, promote your business, and find new clients 

Co-ordinated Promotions – a systematic process by which the community of business owners co-operates to maximize the success of each promotion 

Free and Discounted Training, Products and Services – access to free and discounted products and services from others within the community 

Ongoing Professional Development – training and mentoring from more experienced business owners in specific professional skills such as coaching (ICF competencies), emotional intelligence, trauma awareness and trauma informed practice, self-reflection, motivation, ethical marketing practice, marketing communications, and business management.

About the Program Designer

Jenny Hale has an Honours degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Training and Assessment, and decades of experience as a coach, trainer and mentor. She has been a lecturer in Psychology, an executive coach, a workplace trainer, a private coaching practitioner, and a community mentor.

Jenny has identified the fastest ways to break through lifelong disempowering patterns, and achieve previously unimaginable emotional and relationship results – without doing years of therapy.

Trainee Coaches Share Their Experiences


“I’ve looked at a lot of different coach trainings, and I think this one is one of the best values for the money, because of the level of personalized input that you get, your access to Jenny, the founder, and the amount of embodied experience combined with really high quality information to satisfy your skeptical mind if you’re like me.”

~ Ananya 2020


“This is an absolute gem … there’s so much information that is beneficial and practical … it’s built as a journey that will take you through something that might be life changing for yourself, and you can definitely give it to your clients … even if you don’t need the whole thing in a session or in a journey with a client, you will be using bits and pieces of it during your whole career … This is the basic, foundational knowledge that any person who is working with other humans, men or women, should know.”

~ Ziv 2020


“What I really loved about doing the coach training was that it really took me further in my personal journey, and also in being more confident about my position as somebody there to help others. I do believe that if we have the call to do that course, it is because we already have a sensitivity to others, and we want to be there for them, so learning how to be there for them in the right way is so important.”

~ VijayaSree 2020


“The focus on working with emotional material is unique to this program, and those skills are priceless. So many coaches really aren’t equipped to coach clients through intensely emotional issues. I honestly think every coach in the world should have this level of competence.”

~Tom 2020

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Who Can Be

An Emotional Mastery Coach?

Emotional Mastery Coaches Are Different

Emotional Mastery coaching requires a level of presence and space-holding which is above and beyond the demands of regular coaching. Emotional Mastery Coach Training covers the basic skills required for coaching, and also takes a deep dive into the conscious and subconscious skills required to support clients through emotional development and intense emotional challenges.

Emotional Mastery coaching is for those who want be be truly exceptional coaches – life-changing, heart-nourishing guides that bring people home to their authentic selves, even if those authentic selves have been lost for decades.

You can apply for the Emotional Mastery Coach Training Program if you are:

– a certified ICF coach (exemptions and discounts apply for PCC and MCC certified coaches)

– a practising coach who is seeking ICF certification (discounts apply for graduates of the Emotional Mastery program)

– someone with relevant experience (teacher, psychologist, trainer, workshop facilitator, etc) seeking to improve their coaching and emotional intelligence skills (discounts apply for graduates of the Emotional Mastery program)

– an aspiring coach seeking certification and a supportive community (discounts apply for graduates of the Emotional Mastery program)

Applicants must supply evidence of their aptitude for coaching in the area of emotions, communication and relationships. This evidence may be client testimonials, professional recommendations, employment history with professional experience, performance reviews, or personal recommendations. Graduates of the Emotional Mastery program may apply with a supporting letter from their Emotional Mastery coach.

Applications are subject to review and approval. 

Course Fees

Emotional Mastery Coach Training: USD $8997

Discounted price for ICF certified PCC/MCC coaches: $6997

Graduates of the Emotional Mastery program may request to have their EM program fee applied as a discount.

Application fee (non-refundable): $200

Deposit (payable when application is accepted, non-refundable): $1000

Payment of the balance must be completed 7 days before the date of Orientation. Early bird discounts apply for payment in full at least 60 days before the date of Orientation.

Participants may transfer to a later program without penalty up to 30 days before Orientation. Participants who transfer to a later program after this deadline will be required to pay an administration fee for the transfer.

Course fees do not include food and accommodation for residential intensive programs.

“This is an absolute gem … there’s so much information that is beneficial and practical … it’s built as a journey that will take you through something that might be life changing for yourself, and you can definitely give it to your clients … even if you don’t need the whole thing in a session or in a journey with a client, you will be using bits and pieces of it during your whole career … This is the basic, foundational knowledge that any person who is working with other humans, men or women, should know.”


Professional Coach

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Benefits of Coaching The Emotional Mastery Program

As a graduate of the Emotional Mastery Coach Training, you are free to use your coaching skills as you wish in your own practice. If you reach our quality standards, you will also have the opportunity to coach our clients in the Emotional Mastery program and follow-on 1-1 coaching sessions.

The Emotional Mastery program was designed by coaches, for coaches, to make the coaching process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

16 Weeks of Learning Materials

No more tedious educating of clients in one-to-one sessions! Our online training materials do the hard work of educating clients, leaving you free to focus on coaching them to apply the knowledge and get breakthrough results.

There is a LOT to understand about how our brain and body create and regulate emotions, and how to access the powerful resources of our subconscious brain. We break down the complex material into bite-sized pieces, supported by multimedia material, to ensure your clients absorb exactly what they need to know.

Multimedia Learning for Maximum Convenience

Whether your client’s preferred learning style is visual (video), auditory (audio), or verbal (written text), the Emotional Mastery program multimedia learning materials allow them to absorb information in their preferred style.

Science-Based Theory; Evidence-Based Practices

The Emotional Mastery program is grounded in up-to-date neuroscience, physiology, and psychology. You can be confident that the theoretical information is accurate, and that the recommended practices are proven to be effective.

Time Commitment

The Emotional Mastery program is 16 teaching weeks, and you can schedule 1-4 “vacation” weeks in a series. In a teaching week, you will have an hour of integration Q&A call, and 1-1 coaching with clients in a flexible format.

You will also do an initial call and a completion call with each client.

Ongoing Support

The Emotional Mastery community remains available to all your clients after they graduate from the program. This community includes online discussions, new reference material every month, and live Q&A calls with the program creator, Jenny Hale.

In addition, your clients can access ongoing coaching and ongoing access to the Client Resources for an additional fee once they complete the 16-week program, giving you additional revenue.

A Community Of Coaches

The Emotional Mastery coach community provides a unique opportunity to collaborate, and to access peer support, ongoing coach training, and client referrals.

We encourage co-coaching, to provide a better client experience through diversity in coaches, and to increase scheduling flexibility and peer support for coaches.

Coaches who reach our quality standards will be eligible to receive corporate referrals. We also facilitate referrals between coaches, with financial benefits for both coaches – the coach who acquires the client, and the coach who delivers the Emotional Mastery program to the new client.

Emotional Intelligence Skills Are Highly Valuable

Emotional intelligence is not just for personal relationships!

Business and executive coaches can also add massive value to clients by teaching them Emotional Mastery.

The link between emotional intelligence and earnings is so direct that every point increase in emotional intelligence adds $1,300 to an annual salary. These findings hold true for people in all industries, at all levels, in every region of the world. We haven’t yet been able to find a job in which performance and pay aren’t tied closely to emotional intelligence.

Travis Bradberry

Success Magazine

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