Are you ready to shift

your emotional and relational worlds


confusing & overwhelming

to understandable & manageable?

Emotional Mastery (EM) is for you if:

You are looking for both research-backed explanations and a holistic approach to handling difficult emotions, conscious relating, and empathic communication.


EM is a hybrid 18-week program that offers:


  • 8 hours of private, personalized 1:1 coaching

  • Weekly live group Q&A

  • Online video lessons, audio practices, and references


Are you walking through life dealing with:

Feeling exhausted trying to control or suppress difficult emotions – having never learned to self-regulate or co-regulate
Compulsively people-pleasing because you secretly agonize over anyone being upset with you and it’s too hard to handle feeling that terrible.
Feeling powerless over your attraction to people you know are ‘bad’ for you and mystified as to why you have zero spark with people who treat you well.
Immediately dissociating when you try to sit with your inner world
Getting angry over minor things or feeling irritated and controlled at work even when your coworkers and boss are just doing their job.
Feeling frustrated by how hard it is to communicate and never feeling understood no matter how much you try to explain.
Experiencing restlessness, insomnia, racing heartbeat, irritability, digestive disorders – signs of your emotional cup being full.
Not feeling anything, being stuck in the head, and avoiding people and relationships that could bring up uncomfortable emotions.

Hi, I’m Ananya

I’m a Senior Coach for Jenny Hale’s Emotional Mastery program.

Jenny created this online program after years of in-person work helping people heal recalcitrant emotional, relational, and communication patterns.

Her methodology is influenced by the tantric understanding of our innate wisdom, parts work, shadow work, and modern science.

I love coaching this program because it combines both scientific and spiritual approaches, and I have seen it work for so many people (and for myself).

“Before doing the program, my emotions were threats. Now I realize they bring information to help know myself better and come to terms with my body rather than being at war with it. Thanks to the emotional first aid, instead of being the victim of my anxiety, I can work with it, and 20 min later, it’s gone.” – Brian
“Ananya was my personal coach and she is like some Fairy Godmother with a magic wand. She really helped me to break a lot of my patterns and what is the most precious to me, to overcome my fears. Since I used to be that person who was always putting others first and had no time to do things for myself, I was so angry at myself, and this affected many areas in my life. With help of the coaches in this course we did some good digging till my issue literally disappeared. Now I am the person who often says no without any regrets.” -Zeljka
“Through Jenny’s course, and with Ananya’s incredible and tactful guidance and support, I managed to gather the tools, strength and courage to reconnect with all the younger and lost parts of myself that had been left needing things or bottling up intense emotions as a result of childhood sexual abuse. I was finally able to give those parts what they needed, and face, feel and release those trapped emotions without even needing to understand their exact source or stir up painful memories. This has been incredibly cathartic and freeing, and has left room for an IMMENSE and unexpected wave of self-compassion that has come and taken up the place of all those toxic negative emotions that had been with me for so long.” -Sara

“After this course, I realize that I’m very easily putting myself in situations where I can’t help but go into yellow and red [nervous system stress states], and I realize it’s necessary to grow and be healthy and prioritize myself and put myself in the green zone [social engagement nervous system].“ ~Jack

Here’s the course overview

Course starts Wednesday, Feb 2nd, 2022


Receive 16 weeks of content + intro and integration weeks


Watch each week’s videos + learn the practices in our online course portal


Come to the live weekly Q&A on Wednesdays at 12:30pm Pacific time (sessions will be recorded)


Weekly Q&As are led by Ananya and/or Vijayasree


Use your 1:1 coaching sessions anytime you like during the course


Connect with your assigned buddy to discuss the material and for the dyad practices


Course ends June 1st, 2022


Course investment: $4500 upfront or a $1150/mo payment plan. Read on for the week-by-week breakdown.

Ananya Harvey, PhD, is a Shadow and Sexuality Coach and founder of Bliss Science.  After a successful 10-year career as an academic research chemist, she broke free of lab life to pursue experiments in consciousness. Ananya spent 4+ years in full-time study and practice of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini, and Tantra in Asia before becoming a certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach with Layla Martin’s VITA coaching. She studies shadow work with David Bedrick, conscious communication with the Bay Area T-Group, and is a long-term devotee of meditation and non-dual tantrik philosophy under Paul Muller-Ortega. 

Ananya both teaches women’s groups and has worked with hundreds of men – CEOs and leaders in tech, finance, and consulting – to rekindle passion in sexless marriages, recover confidence post-divorce, heal from performance anxiety, and communicate skillfully with women.

Her life and work represent a bridge between disparate worlds: men and women, science and spiritual practice, the head and the heart. Her no-bullshit, Bliss Science approach unites the material and spiritual through non-dual insight, embodiment practices, and modern science.

Senior Coach – Ananya

Co-coach – Vijayasree

Vijayasree is a certified Yoga Therapist, Hatha Yoga & Meditation teacher, and Shakti Priestess, with a background in performing arts, who draws from more than 10 years of hands-on experience.

An intuitive Healer, she has studied Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Non-Dual Tantra, Trauma Therapy, and more. She coaches people to regain perfect health and empowers them to create the life that they really want.

She has been offering one-on-one intuitive massages and holistic modalities and facilitating workshops & women’s circles in Europe and Asia for a decade, creating a safe space for people to reconnect to their bodies, broken parts and suppressed emotions, to find and live their deepest truth and highest purpose.

Her natural hyper-empathy, together with her years on stage, led her from an early age to a deep understanding of human nature (mind, body & emotions) and its intrinsic sacredness – and helped her develop practical ways to embody this wisdom.

A self-described “spiritual nerd”, she has dedicated her life to pursuing two main questions: ‘what is God?’ and ‘how to end suffering?’. Her work bridges mind and feelings to celebrate the Divine in all forms, and is focused on helping others reconnect to and fully embodying the timeless wisdom of the Spiritual Heart we all carry within.

Back in the early 2000s, Jenny Hale was once a high-powered business consultant and executive coach, working hard to build her financial independence using good, old-fashioned grit and hard work. She got great results for her clients, and loved her work. But she was powering through on adrenaline, just as she had for her whole life, and one day her adrenals gave out.

Fortunately, her Honours degree in psychology and many years of business experience helped her track down (or develop) the tools and techniques to completely rewire her brain.

She has now taught these principles and practices to people of all ages from teens to retirees, to CEOs and founders, and to frontline workers in caring professions. They work for everyone.

She has also trained a team of brilliant coaches to support people on this journey. Our Emotional Mastery coaches have a depth of life experience in business, health professions, parenting, trauma, neurodiversity, men’s work and women’s work, and transformational practices from many traditions.

Jenny Hale

Program Designer – Jenny

A week by week breakdown of the course:
Think of The Emotional Mastery Program as a 16-Week incubator for nourishing relationships – with yourself and others.
Week 1: The Emotional System

Understand the role of the brain and body in our emotions, the effects of our childhood environment on our emotional system, and emotional trauma.

+ your first practice!

Week 2: Awareness and Regulation

Emotional First Aid – powerful techniques to help regain our sovereignty in the face of strong emotions and keep our nervous system in the “green zone.”

 + Developmental causes of dis-regulation

 + Practice #2

Week 3: Emotional Challenges and Healing

How to manage the emotional challenges that life brings.

+Polyvagal theory

Week 4: Releasing Emotional Pressure

Practice #3 will progressively reduce the emotional pressure in your system, allowing for more freedom to respond instead of reacting.

+Polyvagal theory and relationships

+Suppressed emotions

Week 5: Identifying Repeating Patterns

Exploring the repeating patterns in our lives and understanding why we have them.

+Breaking the addictive cycle

Week 6:  Repeating Patterns in Romantic Relationships

Relationship stress has an immediate impact on our physical health, productivity, and emotional state.

+ Attachment styles

+ Narcissism and codependency

+ Trauma bonding

Week 7: Emotional Drivers of Repeating Patterns

Learn how to pause, observe, and identify the emotion that is driving any repeating pattern in your life, large or small.

+ Choosing the right pattern to break

+ The emotional driver

+ Resistance to change 

Week 8: The Pattern Break Practice

Practice #4 for breaking repeating patterns by releasing the emotional driver of the pattern. 

+ The shamanic model (+overview of all models)

+ Why we get anxious when good things happen

Week 9: Challenges When Breaking Patterns

+ Exploring  resistance

+ Stubborn Emotional Drivers

+ Integrating Change

Week 10: Emotional Wisdom

The subconscious intelligence has access to vastly more information than the analytical intelligence. When we access this, we increase our personal power, insight, and quality of life.

+ The Authentic Self

+ Practice #5: Authentic yes and no

+ Practice #6: the Team Meeting

Week 11: The Language of Symbols

Learning the language that can be understood by both the analytical and the experiencing intelligences.

+ Reclaim your Domain (the child monarch)

+ Practice #7: Emotional Landscape

+ Practice #8: Finding Guides

Week 12: Emotional Intelligence in a Dyad

Applying emotional intelligence in relationships.

+ Co-regulation

+ Practice #9: Listening from Nothing

+ Practice #10: Improving Boundaries

+ Practice #11: Deep Connection

Week 13: Ninja Listening

Mastering the mysterious art of not taking things personally.

+ Art of Listening

+ Practice #12: Ninja listening

+ Repairing Ruptures – how to apologize

Week 14: Emotionally Intelligent Communication

We are social beings, and communication skills are vital for the quality of our relationships.

+ The Science of Relating

+ Practice #13: Empathic Listening

+ Responsible Communication

Week 15: Empathic Listening in Action

Empathic listening can be used to improve personal and professional relationships.

+ Real-world applications

+ Co-operation

+ Unstructured empathic listening

Week 16: Review

Integration and Review


“It’s very easy to get overwhelmed, and I am able to use the emotional regulation techniques to come back instead of freezing and paralyzing. I am able to … work better and produce better results, and reduce the overwhelm,  so it’s a positive spiral.”




“I was burned out when I found this program. I had no idea how much I was running on adrenaline. It was really strange to be calm for the first time in my life. But now, I wouldn’t live any other way.”


“Changing the the patterns part of the program is absolutely fantastic. I could change the pattern inside of me that was there for maybe 10, 15 years or even longer, and basically with some practice in a few weeks I could change the pattern, and that’s amazing.”


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Our promise to you
Our Money-Back Guarantees Offer you 100% Peace Of Mind

If you fully complete the entire Emotional Mastery program, and you don’t feel that you have received value from this course, let your coach know, and you will receive a full refund.

Still Have Questions?
If Your Questions Aren’t Answered Below, Let’s Chat About It!

Who is Emotional Mastery for?

The Emotional Mastery program is for people who want agency over their emotional world, relief from repeating patterns, and ease in communication + personal empowerment on a deep, lasting level.

The program is designed for adults (age 18+), who are generally well. People under medical care for any illness which affects the emotions should get medical advice if they have any doubts about their suitability for the program.

How Much Time Will It Take?

Each week’s learning material is approximately 45-60 minutes. We recommend journalling, discussing it with your program buddy, and setting aside 15 minutes a day to practice the skills.

Can These Patterns Really Be Changed After All This Time?

Yes. With awareness, practice, and support, patterns can shift.

It’s not enough to absorb the theory – you need to do the practices.

We include an unheard-of 8 hours of 1:1 coaching in this group program because we care and want you to integrate this into your life.

What If Something Comes Up And I Can't Finish The Course?

We cover all the contingencies – you can transfer to a later program if life events get in the way. Your coach will help you to make that decision, should it be necessary.

How exactly is the program structured?

Each week, you watch, read, and practice the course content from the online portal on your own time, at your own pace.

You discuss what you’ve learned with your buddy.

You come to the live Q&A call every Wednesday at 12:30pm Pacific time (these sessions are also recorded).

You sign up for your 1:1 sessions with your coach (Ananya or Vijayasree) as needed.

The course content was created by Jenny Hale. The program is coached by her team of coaches (in this case Ananya and Vijayasree), who are supervised by Jenny.

Most participants describe the program as “priceless”, “incredible” and “life-changing.”

Success Stories
Hear What Some of Our Clients Are Saying About Their Experience

"Life Changing"

“Meeting Jenny was one of the luckiest things of the past decade – her wisdom on emotional intelligence and managing trauma has been life changing.” – Violet


"I used to have super bad coping mechanisms"

“Before learning to master my emotions I was overwhelmed … now I have routines, self-discipline, self love, and I am much more happy” – Mia



“Going from a place where I didn’t understand emotions and suppressed all emotions to a place where I can use my emotions to guide me and be of service to other people.” – Ole


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