THe Comprehensive, science-based Program to Finally Master Your Emotions!

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What is The Emotional Mastery Program?

A comprehensive 16-week science-based program that builds a foundation for lifelong transformation.

Through practical guidance and exercises, you will learn how to stop painful emotions in their tracks, break repeating patterns (even ones that have lasted for decades!), access your authentic motivation, and revolutionize your communications at work and at home.

16-Weeks of Transformational Training

Designed by a qualified expert in adult education and transformational coaching, the Emotional Mastery Coaching Program gives you the tools to make lasting changes – not just once, but for the rest of your life!

24x7 Lifetime Support

All graduates of the Emotional Mastery Program are invited to join the private graduates group, for ongoing support and advanced trainings … for life.

Live Q&A Sessions And 1-1 Coaching

Unlike other online programs, the Emotional Mastery program includes both group and 1-1 coaching, to ensure you master the tools of the program.

Dozens of Downloadable Resources

Guided practice audios, transcripts, and other reference materials for an invlauable resource library to ensure you can continue to grow your Emotional Mastery skills.

Who is Emotional Mastery for?

The Emotional Mastery program is for people who are looking to break through to a new level of performance, productivity, and creativity!

The program teaches science-based skills, which can be used by anyone. The program is designed for adults (age 16+), who are generally well. People under medical care for any illness which affects their emotions should get medical advice if they have any doubts about their suitability for the program.

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Takeaways of the program:

This 16-week Emotional Mastery Program is a stepping-stone to your Lifelong Trust & Transformation with us.

Here’s the gist of what you’re going to get:

Numerous Online Training Videos

Study in the comfort of your own home or office, at a time to suit you, with unlimited repeats and extensive additional reference material if you want to do a deep dive into any topic.

Personalized Coaching

One-to-one coaching sessions with your Emotional Mastery coach for sensitive personal material, a personalized program of exercises, and guidance in doing the advanced practices.

Weekly Live Sessions

Each week’s material will be explored in a live Q&A session with an experienced Emotional Mastery coach. Get your questions answered, connect with the community, and tap into the expertise of a qualified Emotional Mastery coach.

Practical, Transformational Exercises

Clearly defined, simple yet effective practices to build those emotional “muscles”, making power and peace of mind a daily experience.

Guided Practices and Additional Support Materials

Download audio recordings of guided practices so you can listen and practice anywhere, any time.

Lifetime Personal & Community Support

You’ll have a Facebook group to discuss each week’s material, share insights, questions, and breakthroughs, and get to know the other participants in your group.

Talk to our Emotional Mastery Consultant to understand the journey and the outcome for yourself in detail👇🏻

Don’t Trust Us, Trust Our Transformed Participants:

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"Worth Every Penny"

“It’s very easy to get overwhelmed, and I am able to use the emotional regulation techniques to come back instead of freezing and paralyzing. I am able to work better and produce better results, and reduce the overwhelm, so it’s a positive spiral.” – Tom


"Best thing I ever did"

“I am so glad to do this program in the 2020 pandemic” – Bianca


"I am Transformed"

“Changing the patterns part of the program is absolutely fantastic. I could change the pattern inside of me that was there for maybe 10 – 15 years or even longer, and basically with some practice in a few weeks I could change the pattern, and that’s amazing.” – Ziv

"Life Changing"

“Meeting Jenny was one of the luckiest things of the past decade – her wisdom on emotional intelligence and managing trauma has been life-changing.” – Violet


"I used to have super bad coping mechanisms"

“Before learning to master my emotions I was overwhelmed, now I have routines, self-discipline, self love, and I am much more happy” – Mia



“Going from a place where I didn’t understand emotions and suppressed all emotions to a place where I can use my emotions to guide me and be of service to other people.” – Ole


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Talk to our Emotional Mastery Consultant to understand the journey and the outcome for yourself in detail👇🏻

About Jenny Hale

Jenny Hale has an Honours degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Training and Assessment, and decades of experience as a coach, trainer, and mentor. She has been a lecturer in Psychology, an executive coach, a workplace trainer, a private coaching/counseling practitioner, and a community mentor. Jenny has identified the fastest ways to break through lifelong disempowering patterns and achieve previously unimaginable emotional and relationship results – without doing years of therapy.

Jenny has been actively researching and experimenting in these areas for over 25 years. She has spent tens of thousands of dollars on University degrees and diplomas, coaching programs, personal development programs, therapy in multiple styles, spiritual training programs, professional development courses, and attending conferences.

Total cost? Well in excess of $100,000.

Jenny has distilled the most relevant, practical, and highly-leveraged information from all her studies, to save you countless hours over many years, and also to save you from expending tens of thousands of dollars yourself.

Jenny Ford Hale


Why Emotional Mastery?

The outcomes of Emotional Mastery are unprecedented. Less stress, more productivity, better relationships, more joy, and ultimately, a better life.

How does the program work?

Designed by a qualified expert in adult education and transformational coaching, the Emotional Mastery Coaching Program directly overcomes all the main obstacles to making lasting changes.

What does the program teach?

Emotional Intelligence Skills: Awareness, Regulation, Co-ordination
How to apply emotional intelligence skills to break repeating patterns, release stuck emotions, access internal guidance, and develop better relationships.

What are Accountability Buddies?

You’ll be matched with one or two other participants as accountability buddies. You’ll talk to each other as often as you like (we recommend a brief chat every day or two for the first few weeks), compare notes on your understanding of the learning materials, and send each other updates as you tick off your practice sessions.

How much time it will take?

Though this is a 16-week transformational program, the effects and the growth are forever. We are here to help and develop each other along with a community in a holistic fashion.

Can I be sure on the results?

Honestly, results will not be overnight, ever. They are garnered over time through consistent right habits and practices, which is what the program is all about