About Authentic Relating

The Authentic Living project was born as a result of requests from people who had been exposed to Jenny‘s teaching, couples coaching, and/or one-to-one mentoring. Many people wanted this information to be available more widely – so here it is!

Are you sick and tired of suffering in relationships?

Contantly struggling to get the results you want in your work?

Had enough of the same, frustrating conversations?

Looking to have professional and personal relationships be more empowering and fulfilling?

Authentic Living is here to help.

Whether at work or at home, the quality of our life is largely determined by the quality of our relationships.

This website is designed to be a “one stop shop” for all good quality information and advice about emotional intelligence in work and relationships, including our most important relationship – the relationship we have with ourselves. It is a place where highly qualified and experienced coaches and trainers can be recognized for their expertise, and introduced to a wider audience.

The initial information was curated by Jenny, based on her decades of experience in coaching and mentoring individuals, couples, and groups. As the site develops, curation decisions will be made by a committee, to remove any possible bias from the choices.

Jenny Hale has an Honours degree in Psychology, and decades of experience as a coach, trainer and mentor. She supports people in having the results they really want – in business and communities, as well as family and romantic relationships. She has identified the fastest ways to break through disempowering lifelong patterns and achieve unimaginable results – without doing years of therapy!

Emotional Mastery PROGRAM

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