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Are you tired of feeling stuck, stressed and unhappy? Have you tried various methods of therapy and self-help, but still don’t have the answers you need? Or are you a professional looking for science-based tools to help clients with these challenges?

Look no further than Not Broken by Jenny Hale.

This book introduces the Hale Method(™). This revolutionary approach to recovery focuses on developing key emotional intelligence skills, which unlock a present-day life free from symptoms of trauma or unbalanced emotions.

With clear, simple, and practical techniques, readers will learn how to regulate their emotions, practice mindfulness, and resolve internal conflicts. They will also learn how to improve their interpersonal skills by developing empathy, co-regulation, conflict resolution, and communication.

Anyone fascinated by the work of leading experts like Stephen Porges, Bessel van der Kolk, Peter Levine, and Gabor Maté will find value in Not Broken. Hale’s approach is easy to understand and apply, empowering both the reader and the people in their life.

By the end of this book, you will learn:

  • How to regulate intense or painful emotions
  • How to use awareness to resolve suppressed emotions
  • Techniques for resolving internal emotional conflicts
  • How to develop empathy and improve communication skills
  • Strategies for co-regulation and conflict resolution
  • Ways to empower other people to learn these key emotional intelligence skills

Take action today to break free from the struggle. With Not Broken, you can learn the skills needed to recover your innate joy and move forward with confidence.

“I am out of a lot of pain that I thought was permanent, and perpetual, and unresolvable.” – Violet Brown

“Useful, practical, and vital for anyone who is ready to transform their view of themselves.” – Dr Gary Wohlman, PhD., author of Get Up! Stand up For Your Life

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When you purchase Not Broken, you’re entitled to 1 month free membership to our private facebook community of likeminded individuals practicing The Hale Method™ in their own lives!

As a member of the community, you will get:

  • Practical tools for emotional regulation for yourself and the people who matter to you
  • In depth conversations about the neurology and physiology of emotion and relationships
  • Ways to apply scientific knowledge about the nervous system to improve work performance, relationships, and mental health
  • Book, Podcast, and Video suggestions and reviews.
  • Weekly drop-in sessions with a coach trained in The Hale Method™
  • Interviews with experts
  • Case studies
  • Live Q&A sessions with trained emotional intelligence coaches
  • Opportunities for free and discounted 1-1 coaching sessions

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