Authentic Relating Courses

Our mission is to bring to the world the relationship education we wish we’d had ourselves.

Human beings are relational creatures. We need relationships to be fully healthy – strong relationships with family, friends, lovers, and, most importantly, strong relationships between the different parts of ourselves.

In these courses you will find the information that has been most beneficial to individuals and couples in our professional practices, expressed efficiently and clearly, and accompanied by practical exercises to help you apply your new knowledge.

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Emotional First Aid

We have all been taken over by strong emotion at some time. Whether it’s anger, grief, hurt, or fear, a strong emotion can overwhelm our system and make us incapable of rational thought or considered action. Yet there are times when we really need to keep it together and continue to function.

Use these simple yet effective techniques to quickly calm the nervous system and restore your presence of mind.

Developed in clinical practice and validated by scientific study, these techniques offer freedom and peace of mind to anyone who struggles with intense emotions manifesting at awkward moments

Difficult Emotions

Emotions are an unavoidable part of human life, and yet most people have no formal education in how to manage their emotions. As a result, we see an epidemic of unhealthy coping strategies – suppression, explosion, overwhelm, addiction, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and numbness.

In this course, you will learn

  • what emotions are, and how they work in a healthy psyche
  • ways in which our emotional development can be interrupted or distorted during childhood
  • how unhealthy emotional coping strategies show up in adulthood
  • a simple practice for developing EQ (emotional intelligence), and progressively releasing suppressed emotions from the past
  • common issues people encounter with the practice, and how to deal with them

You don’t have to be a victim of your emotions. Emotions don’t need to be avoided, minimized, or hidden. There is vital information and motivational power in emotions. Use this simple practice to “take the wheel” of your emotional life, and reap the benefits!

Empathic Listening

Communication is one of the top issues in relationships – at work, in the family, between friends, and, most of all, in intimate relationships. This course introduces a structure process for learning how to listen like the masters – to listen in such a way that problems dissolve, people feel respected and understood, and relationships are strengthened.

It’s not just what you do during a conversation; what you do beforehand is equally important. The right preparation and the right context, or attitude, are also vital.

You will learn:

  • how to create a safe space in which people feel free to express whatever is on their mind
  • how to dismantle complicated conflicts – even if they have persisted for years
  • how to understand people more deeply than they understand themselves
  • a simple, step-by-step process to practice the skills until they become second nature