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Special Investigation:
Lasting Passion

Is it really true that desire inevitably fades in long term relationships? Science says “no”!

One of the most heartbreaking things I see when working with couples is the situation where one or both partners believe “that time in our relationship is over”. Time and again, I see people yearning for the connection, the passion, the joy and aliveness that comes with a passionate romantic relationship.

I have even seen people leave a relationship with someone they love very deeply, because of the false belief that “if I don’t feel attraction , it means I am just not in love with them any more”.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Learn the secrets of successful couples who keep passion alive for a lifetime!



Why Are Relationships So Difficult?

Most of us weren’t taught relationship skills in school – and our parents weren’t always the best role models. But there is a deeper reason why we find relationships so challenging …

Alpha male

You Don’t Need To Be An Alpha Male

Debunking the harmful myth that women only want “alpha males” who display stereotypically dominant masculine behaviour.



Why “Spice Up Your Sex Life” is Terrible Advice

There is a widespread belief that sexual boredom is to be expected in a long term relationship, and that the solution is to add more excitement, or “spice”. Here’s why that doesn’t work.


Secrets of Sexual Desire

People can be monogamous without getting bored in bed, manipulative games are at best a band-aid and at worst a disaster, and “spicing it up” might work for a brief while, but if you don’t address the real issue, the problem will be back.


A Way To Move On From Your Traumas

Can you really grow through your traumas? Free yourself? And move on? Yes, it is not only possible but you can do this without feeling overwhelmed and helpless.  One small step at a time, with consistency and dedication. That’s how Mia did it. And so can you. “I had...
Emotional Overwhelm

Yes, You Can Find Your Way Through Emotional Overwhelm

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your life situation? The pandemic, relationship, work, or something you feel you have no control over? Well, there is hope — because there are solutions. Whatever the reason, there is a way to navigate this path of overwhelm and intense...
Girl thinking of growth

Growing Out of Codependency

Are you feeling helpless in your relationship? Do you feel dependent on others and constantly seek their approval that you have lost confidence and trust in yourself? And life feels like a journey where you give a lot but receive little in return? This was the story...

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What people have said after learning Jenny’s Emotional Intelligence material:

“There are very few people who have your level of understanding.”

~ Alexander December 2019

“ Very informative, eye-opening, helping my evolution which is the main purpose of taking the workshop. Jenny is very knowledgeable in her field. I love that she has an approach from psychological and spiritual perspectives. She has a friendly tone and I felt supported during the 4 weeks I took the workshop.”

~ Asli October 2019

“I want to thank you again for all the workshops, they have helped me a lot and have been so insightful to me, really great!”

~ Kim September 2019

“Excellent. Beyond wildest expectations (and my expectations were already high). A lot of wow moments, a lot of practical exercises and actual ‘practice’/experimentation. Very open discussions and great lead of energy and flow though out the session.”

~ Victoria Sept. 2019

“It was great. It was really nice to do a workshop on the island with a solid theoretical base. The theory and reflections gave me many, many insights.”

~ Kim August 2019