This training is part of the Leadership curriculum available to members of CrowdScale.

What is CrowdScale?

CrowdScale is a membership-based organization dedicated to setting business owners free.

The members have two basic commitments – whenever you do business with anyone in the community, you give them a better deal than you give the general public, and whenever anyone in the community is launching or promoting their things, you support that in whatever way works for you.

Beyond that, there is a whole lot more opportunity, but each person makes their own business strategy and takes advantage of the aspects that will forward their strategy.

You can add your product to the platform, then everyone can get an affiliate link and promote you.

You can partner up with another business to develop a product together.

You can find someone to do the things you don’t want to do in your business.

You can team up with a few others and launch a podcasts together.

The only limit is the imagination of the whole community of business strategists and JV brokers.

Or just keep the two basic commitments and market yourself in your usual way – amplified by 100-200 other people when you do.