Difficult Emotions


Difficult Emotions

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A highly effective process for managing intense emotions, and releasing emotions which were suppressed in the past.

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man-angry-painEmotions are an unavoidable part of human life, and yet most people have no formal education in how to manage their emotions. As a result, we see an epidemic of unhealthy coping strategies - suppression, explosion, overwhelm, addiction, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and numbness.

In this course, you will learn

  • what emotions are, and how they work in a healthy psyche
  • ways in which our emotional development can be interrupted or distorted during childhood
  • how unhealthy emotional coping strategies show up in adulthood
  • a simple practice for developing EQ (emotional intelligence), and progressively releasing suppressed emotions from the past
  • common issues people encounter with the practice, and how to deal with them

You don't have to be a victim of your emotions. Emotions don't need to be avoided, minimised, or hidden. There is vital information and motivational power in emotions. Use this simple practice to "take the wheel" of your emotional life, and reap the benefits!