Emotional First Aid

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Effective techniques to manage intense emotions. Learn how to immediately interrupt disturbing thoughts and sensations, calm the nervous system, and return to normal, balanced functioning.


Emotional First Aid

Emotional First AidWe have all been taken over by strong emotion at some time. Whether it’s anger, grief, hurt, or fear, a strong emotion can overwhelm our system and make us incapable of rational thought or considered action. Yet there are times when we really need to keep it together and continue to function.

Use these simple yet effective techniques to quickly calm the nervous system and restore your presence of mind.

Developed in clinical practice and validated by scientific study, these techniques offer freedom and peace of mind to anyone who struggles with intense emotions manifesting at awkward moments.


“I was losing it at work after a tough conversation with my CEO, just struggling not to cry at my desk. I went to the bathroom and tried it, and it worked immediately. I can’t believe it.

Why did I not know about this before? This has changed my life.”


Data Science Manager