Emotional Intelligence (Private Community)

Emotional Intelligence (Private Community)

 Welcome to the Emotional Intelligence Private Community

All the good stuff is happening in our private Facebook group – ask to join here!

You will be asked some questions so we can make sure everyone is a bona fide member – don’t worry, you’re pre-approved …

Your password for entry is: authentic self


As a member of the community, you will get:

  • Practical tools for emotional regulation for yourself and the people who matter to you
  • In depth conversations about the neurology and physiology of emotion and relationships
  • Ways to apply scientific knowledge about the nervous system to improve work performance, relationships, and mental health
  • Reading suggestions and book reviews
  • Podcast and video suggestions and reviews
  • Interviews with experts
  • Case studies
  • Live Q&A sessions with trained emotional intelligence coaches
  • Opportunities for free and discounted 1-1 coaching sessions


As soon as you join the Emotional Intelligence private community, you will find key resources pinned to the “Featured” section, including powerful tools to regulate emotional responses, increase focus and motivation, and improve long term relationships.

You will have access to the entire history of posts in the group, including all discussions and replays of live events.

You will be able to ask questions and get guidance immediately for whatever issues have been consuming your energy and attention. You are no longer worrying about how to deal with these complexities on your own. 

The confidence and peace of mind that comes from having this powerful resource at your fingertips is incredibly liberating.

So introduce yourself, ask questions, check our the resources, and enjoy your membership in the Emotional Intelligence Private Community!